【#能力训练# 导语】孩子们学习成语故事,感受故事中的趣味,更能从故事中,学习到很多为人处世的道理。下面是©大海范文网分享的有趣的英语成语故事【10篇】。欢迎阅读参考!



  Gong Mingyi was a famous musician in ancient times, who played the lute very well.


  One day, while playing the lute indoors, Gong Mingyi saw a cow eating grass leisurely outside the window. He had a sudden whim to play some melodies for the cow. He first played the "Exercise of Qing Jiao", but the cow still kept on eating grass with head lowered. He seemed to realize that the melody was too highbrow for the cow to understand.


  So he played several other melodies, imitating the buzzing sounds of swarms of flying mosquitoes, and the bleats of a calf looking for its companions. At this, to his surprise, the cow stopped eating grass, but raised its head, pricked up its ears, wagged its tail and, pacing up and down in small steps, began to listen attentively.




  one summer night, when the moon was very bright he suddenly saw a girl descending(下降) slowly from the sky. he observed the girl closely, and found that the dress she was wearing was seamless(无缝的) . he was puzzled, and asked why. the girl answered,"heavenly clothes are not sewn with needle and thread."


  this idiom is used metaphorically to indicate the flawless handling of things. it can also be used to indicate a perfectly written poem or other literary article.




  Once upon a time, there was a villager who lost a hatchet. He suspected that his neighbour"s son had stolen it.


  Thereupon, he watched every move of the neighbour"s son. He felt that his gait, his voice, and his facial expressions were all not the same as usual. It really seemed that the hatchet had been stolen by him.


  After a few days, the hatchet was found. It turned out to be that when he went up the hill to cut firewood a few days ago, he left his hatchet there.


  The following day when he met the neighbour"s son again, he noticed that his gait, his voice, and his facial expressions were not like those of a hatchet-stealer at all.




  In the past, a man of the State of Chu intended to go to the State of Zheng to sell pearls.


  First he used rare lily magnolia to make a small exquisite case which he fumigated with the delicate fragrance of osmanthuses and Chinese prickly ashes. Furthermore, the case was inlaid with emerald-green jadeite, and adorned with attractive rosy jade. The whole case was decorated in an extremely exquisite way.


  A man of the State of Zheng saw this exquisite case and liked it very much. He bought it with a great deal of money, but he returned the pearl in the case to the man of Chu.


  Later, people ridiculed the man of Chu by saying that he was good at selling cases, but not good at selling pearls.


  To go too far in the pursuit of form just like letting a presumptuous guest usurp the host"s role, which brings about opposite results.




  A farmer in the state of Song once got a piece of stone with jade init.


  He presented this stone to Prime Minister Zi Han. But Zi Han refused toaccept it. xiaogushi8.com The farmer explained, “It looks like just a stone, butthere is jade inside. It actually is a piece of treasure and suitable forhonorable men like you, not for us common people.”


  “I know there is jade inside,” Zi Han said,” but I disagree with you.xiaogushi8.com I think to have the virtue of declining things that do not belongto oneself is the real treasure. ”




  Once upon a time, the youngest daughter of Emperor Yan, legendary ruler of primitive China, went boating on the Eastern Sea. While she was enjoying herself, a strong wind rose on the sea and her boat capsized. Just before she was buried by the surging waves, her spirit turned into a beautiful bird. As it flew over the roaring sea, it cried sadly in the sound "jinwei, jingwei". That was why people called it "Jingwei".

  The bird lived on a mountain near the sea. It hated the sea so much that it decided to fill it up. Every day, it flew to and fro between the mountain and the sea, carrying in a twig or a pebble from the mountain and dropping it into the sea.

  One day, the roaring sea said to Jingwei, "Poor little bird, stop doing that meaningless thing! You"ll never fill me up." Jingwei replied, "I"ll fill you up no doubt! I will, even if it"ll take me thousands of years! I"ll fight on until doomsday!"

  The brave little bird kept carrying twigs and pebbles from the mountain to the Eastern Sea without taking a rest.

  From this fable comes the idiom "The bird Jingwei trying to fill the sea". We use it to describe people who are firm and indomitable and will not stop until they reach their goal.

  从前,炎帝(传说中中国原始社会的统治者)的小女儿在东海上划船。正当她划得高兴时,海面上突然升起一阵大风,把她的小船弄翻了。就在她要被汹涌的波浪吞 没时,她的灵魂变成了一只美丽的小鸟。它飞过那咆哮的海面,伤心的叫着"精卫,精卫"的声音。所以人们就叫她"精卫"。


  一天,咆哮的大海对精卫说:"可怜的小鸟,停止你那无谓的举动吧!你是永远都填不平我的。" 精卫回答说:"我当然会把你填平的!即使这需要千千万万年的时间,我也一定会斗争到底,直到你的末日来临!"





  One day, Zhuang Gong, King of the State of Qi, went out in a chariot to hunt.


  On the way, he saw a small insect raise both its arms, trying to stop the wheels of the chariot. Zhuang Gong of Qi was curious and asked the driver:


  "What kind of insect is it?"


  "It is a mantis," the driver replied promptly. "This kind of insect only knows how to advance but not retreat, blindly underrating its enemies and overrating its own abilities."


  Hearing the driver"s reply, Zhuang Gong smiled to himself and remained silent.




  In the Warring States Period, Duke Wei of Qi neglected state affairs, for the first three years of his reign, giving himself over to dissipation. One of his ministers, Chun Yukun who had a good sense of humour, said to him: "There is a big bird which has neither taken wing nor sung for three years." The duke answered, "Once that bird starts to fly and sing, it will astonish the world." The duke thereupon devoted himself to his duties and built his state up into a powerful one.




  One day a man walking on the road met a celestial, who happened to be an old friend of his.


  Seeing that his life was hard, the celestial pointed with his finger at a brick on the roadside, which turned into a gold brick at once. And he gave it to the man.


  But the man was not satisfied. The celestial pointed again with his finger at a large stone lion at the gate, which at once turned into a gold lion. And he gave it to him too. But the man still complained it was not enough.


  The celestial asked him:"My friend, how much will be enough for you? What should I do to satisfy you?"


  The man hummed and hawed and said:"I want your finger."


  Look at the Sky from the Bottom of a Well


  There is a frog. He lives in a well and he never goes out of the well. He thinks the sky is as big as the mouth of the well.


  One day a crow comes to the well. He sees the frog and says, “Frog, let’s have a talk.”

  一天, 一只乌鸦飞到井边,看见青蛙,就对它说:“青蛙,咱们聊聊吧。”

  Then the frog asks, “Where are you from?”


  “I fly from the sky,” the crow says.


  The frog feels surprised and says, “The sky is only as big as the mouth of the well. How do you fly from the sky?”

  青蛙惊讶地说:“天空就只有这井口这么大,你怎么会从天上来? ”

  The crow says, “The sky is very big. You always stay in the well, so you don’t know the world is big.”


  The frog says, “I don’t believe.”


  But the crow says, “You can come out and have a look by yourself.”


  So the frog comes out from the well. He is very surprised. How big the world is!